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Cat: Back to Football Week, New Cars, and Anniversaries!

Posted by EaglesCheerleaderCat on September 13, 2011 – 12:15 am

Hey Eagles Fans!

Cat here, writing to you after a VERY busy two weeks of Back to Football Madness! Now that Pre-Season is over, the regular season is starting up again and I am not the only one pumped! Fans all over are buzzing with excitement, and us eagles cheerleaders are busy spreading the Philadelphia Eagles spirit!

The Cheerleaders and I ready to entertain the ESPN staff!

Last week, Cheerleaders Courtney, Corinne, Danielle, Chelsea, Amanda, and myself, along with SWOOP took a long trip to Connecticut for the ESPN Back to Football Picnic at Lake Compounce Amusement Park. As eagles cheerleaders, we are sent to many events and community appearances, but this event was by far one of my favorites so far! We greeted the many fans that were present at the park, and it was great to see that even far away from home, there are still die-hard Eagles fans! We performed some of our routines for the guests, and SWOOP participated in a Mascot Touchdown competition! Needless to say, SWOOP was the crowd favorite!

After our performance and some pictures with the guests and fans, the park employees were nice enough to let us go on their favorite roller coaster! I am a big roller coaster fan, and this one was an older wooden one, and it was really so much fun! I swear you could hear us cheerleaders screaming from the complete opposite side of the park! We had such a great time, and had an even better time seeing our pictures after we finished the ride!

Posing for a quick pic before the pizza party!

Most of you know that most of what the Eagles Cheerleaders do is off of the field. Whether it is appearing at events, helping with charity work, or practicing, we are able to do so much around the Philadelphia Community. In honor of September 11th, and in honor of Back to Football week, Cheerleader Amanda Grace and I took a trip with some of the Eagles Players and SWOOP to deliver pizza and soda to some of the Philadelphia Police Stations, and Philadelphia Fire Co Station.

Us Sporting our Fire Helmets!

It was so great to let the Police officers and Firemen and women know how much their hard work and dedication means to the Philadelphia community! At our second visit, Danny Watkins was able to share some fire-service stories with the men and women, and Amanda Grace and I got a chance to sit inside the Firetruck! We even got to try on some of the fire hats for size!

Me and the Girls at the Television Station!

Fire hats might not be in style for the 2011-2012 NFL Football Season, but if you visit the Philadelphia Eagles Pro-Shop, you can get a chance to see all of the new gear that just came out so that you can show your Eagles pride! A few of the other Cheerleaders and I took a trip to Comcast Sports-net to give some of the hosts some gear so that they can be ready for the Eagles season too! It was neat being behind the scenes at the station, and I was not the only one getting my makeup done!

SWOOP getting a makeup touchup!

It was definitely a busy week for this Eagles Cheerleader, but luckily I was able to get to where I was going with my BRAND NEW CAR! The votes are in, and majority rules! My new car is red, and I love it! Thank you for all of your votes, and helping me decide on the color of my car! Even though I was sad to see my old little red car go, I am glad that I have a new (and much safer) little red car to call my own!

The New Car!

This upcoming week is me and my boyfriend’s two year anniversary! Our actual anniversary date is Tuesday (the 13th) but as everyone knows, our Cheerleading practices are on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, as well as the both of us holding full time jobs during the day. So we decided to make it a weekend celebration, and take a trip to Camden, New Jersey to see the aquarium, and the Battleship New Jersey!

The 'small' Bullet of the Battleship!

I have to admit that I was slightly more excited to see the aquarium than the battleship, but after taking my first look at it I knew it was going to be great! Chris and I learned so much from Ed our veteran tour guide, and had a lot of fun seeing what it would have been like to live on the battleship during the wars. What was even more interesting was seeing the different kinds of weapons that were carried aboard the battleship. I even got to stand next to what would have been considered their smallest bullet, and IT WAS BIGGER THAN ME! It was really neat and I would definitely go back.

Chris and I in front of the Battleship!

The Aquarium was still my favorite part, and seeing all of the different fish was really cool. I was able to see the seals and penguins being fed, and it was really funny to see them so excited for their dinners! I was also able to touch a shark and sting rays! The sharks were cool and felt sort of like sand paper, but the sting rays were so slimy it actually weirded me out a little! After seeing all sorts of animal life like seahorses, jelly fish, piranas, and eels, it was time to see some sharks that were a little too big for us to touch! In the shark tunnel, Chris and I were actually standing in a tunnel that went under the tank! It felt like we were swimming right along side with the sharks! So neat!

Well it is past my bedtime, and I need to get some good rest so that I am fresh for teaching, but before I go I want to give a big CONGRATULATIONS to my favorite NFL team on their victory yesterday, as well as a big THANK YOU in remembrance of September 11th, and all of the men and women who served our country on that historical day. Also, check out the rest of these pictures to get a better image of our adventure!

Walking through the living area

In the control room

In front of the ships air landing area

Heading into the Aquarium!

Looking into the Shark Tank!

Chris touching the Sting Rays!

Shark Tank!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! It was such a great adventure! Well, I’m off to bed, but as always, GO EAGLES!

-Cat xoxo

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Cat: Another Week, Another PreSeason Game!

Posted by EaglesCheerleaderCat on August 23, 2011 – 3:06 pm

Hey Eagles Fans!

Cat here, with another busy week preparing for yet another preseason football game at the Lincoln Financial Field! It is going to be another busy week, with practice tonight and tomorrow, followed by my second game as a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader! It is funny to think that even though I was on the field, and I now know what it is like cheering at an NFL football game, my nerves are STILL through the roof! Of course I am excited, but I have no shame in admitting that the nerves are still there!

Mid-Game Suspense!

You might wonder how I shake the nerves of having about 76,000 people look at me dancing and cheering, and my answer is to stay focused, be prepared, and do something fun to keep my mind off of my nerves! With summer coming to an end, I wanted to be able to do something fun outdoors since I know in a few months I will have to stick to indoor activities to help me have fun and get my mind off of the pressure . Before my first game, my boyfriend Chris took me out mini-golfing with his brother and his girlfriend Carolyn, and his sister and her boyfriend Brent.

So Happy I Made A Whole In One!

It was the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors, and stop my worrying about the game! I had a blast and it really helped my nerves to be outside and laughing with everyone. I am definitely not a golfer by any means, but I took me and Chris’s team to 2nd place by getting a HOLE IN ONE! I was so surprised, but not as surprised as everyone else! After picking on my boyfriend saying that I was carrying our team, we all relaxed to some milkshakes and I was able to go home with a smile and be excited, not nervous, for the game.

Over this past weekend, to keep my energy channeled towards dance, but still enjoy myself and keep my nerves down, my sister Leigha and I traveled to Norristown where we were able to see the 2nd annual Norristown Dance Festival! It was at a great venue called the Center Theater in Norristown, PA, and we really enjoyed getting the tore of the newly furbished venue, and seeing all of the neat dance pieces. There was work produced by companies and artists from New York, Philadelphia, and Brazil! Being a dance major in college, I know how hard dancers work to get their message across in their pieces, but now that I am a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader, I really had a great appreciation for how much each dancer was committed to performing their movement, and applauded them for their dedication!

The 2011 Section of the Timeline Wall!

Walking around the theater, my favorite spot was a hallway that had children that had participated in an arts camp, all hand-printed on the wall! The hall became a timeline as I walked through, viewing each small print on the wall next to the year of the camp. So neat!

Something else that is keeping me busy this week is my car search! Boy is that exhausting! For someone whose only knowledge is what she has read on the internet, it is very difficult to understand what a good model and price point is for a new car. Luckily, with the help of my Dad, I am getting down to the wire with my options and have now narrowed down the brand and model of the car. All I have to do now is choose my color! Instead of just listening to my friends and family, I thought it would be fun to have you guys help me choose!

Here are my options:

1. Metallic Red

2. Coated Silver

3. Robin’s Blue

Type in your choice above, and press ‘Submit” to let me know your thoughts! I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks, and then hopefully next week I will be able to pick up my new car, and post a picture so everyone can see the color that won! Maybe you will even see me driving it to and from the games!

Well everyone I am off to get my things together for practice! I want to leave early since there may be traffic caused by the earthquake today (what are the odds!). I hope everyone has a good rest of the week, and don’t forget to watch the Philadelphia Eagles PreSeason Game, Thursday on 6ABC. Kickoff is at 7:30PM, but don’t forget to watch the pre-game starting at 7:00pm which will include team warmups and interviews! As always, GO EAGLES!

-Cat xoxo

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Cat: Don’t be fooled by the Pompoms!

Posted by EaglesCheerleaderCat on August 19, 2011 – 8:31 am

Hey Eagles Fans!

Clip from the Video: Martin Rogers trying some Cheerleader Moves!

I know it was only yesterday I was sharing my experience about my first NFL football game, but today I thought I would share some more behind the scenes looks, and talk about our practices! You may already know from reading the Cheerleader Blogs, but our practices are no joke! Don’t be fooled by the pompoms; We work hard! Take a look at this great video article from Yahoo Sports! Martin Rogers came in join us in our practice and share his experience of his own “Eagles Cheerleader Tryout”! Check it out!

Heres the Video:

Until next time, GO EAGLES!

-Cat xoxo



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Cat: I Survived my First NFL Game!

Posted by EaglesCheerleaderCat on August 18, 2011 – 9:43 am

Hey Eagles Fans!

I am happy to report that I have officially survived cheering at my first NFL Football Game! I can not even begin to describe what an amazing feeling it was to step out onto the Lincoln Financial Field and see all of the fans cheering on the great Philadelphia Eagles! It was incredible! So much hard work went into all of the details of the game, and the other women and I were so happy that we had a successful game and are ready for our next pre-season performance!

Wednesday evening before practice, cheerleader Casey and I took a trip to 610 WIP studios to visit the Howard Eskin and Ike Reese show to talk about what it is like to be an eagles cheerleader, and to also pump up the fans about the Eagles vs. Ravens game! It was really great to not only talk about my experience, but to also just have a good laugh and enjoy talking about the game. Ike Reese was actually the judge at the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleading Finals that asked me my interview question, so we were able to joke around a little about auditions! Casey gave some inside scoop about last year’s Cheerleading Calendar, and we were able to bring in some of the new football jerseys for the 2011 and 2012 season! It was the perfect way to get fans pumped for the pre-season game, and I also had a blast because it was my first radio interview!

After a long practice at NovaCare, I took a stop home to Hatboro, Pennsylvania see my parents and sister before heading home to get some rest for the big game. Even though it was just a quick visit, my sister Leigha always has a way of shaking my nerves. By telling me some jokes and listening to the parts of the game I was most nervous about, she really helped me become confident for the big day!

Me at my first NFL football game!

Welcoming the Players onto the Field!

When game day came, I actually still had work in the morning! Teaching the kids kept my mind off my nerves, but it was very hard to concentrate! I even had them do a little eagles cheer before I left! When I arrived at Lincoln Financial Field I was a bundle of nerves, but being around all of the other rookies who were just as nervous as I was calmed me down and got me VERY excited! You might not know that even though most games start later in the evening, us cheerleaders are there all afternoon long, practicing and welcoming the fans who enter the stadium. Being around the fans and seeing how pumped they were for the game made me understand how important the Philadelphia Eagles are to help the community come together and show their pride for this great city!

Performing our Pregame Dance

I can not even describe what it was like to stand in the entrance tunnel before coming onto the field. My mind was almost playing things in slow motion as I positioned myself in line, and saw all of the screaming fans ready for the entertainment to begin. I have been a performer all of my life, and with dance being my major in college, I am no stranger to the rush of a performance. However, nothing could ever top that feeling of first stepping onto the Lincoln Financial Field and experiencing my first performance as a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader!

As you know, our boys did AMAZING exciting myself, as well as the fans for a great season. I have actually never been to an Eagles game myself, so needless to say I had the best seats in the house! It was such a treat to see the veteran players on the field with the new free agent signings, and being so close to the fans I was able to see the excited faces and impressed expressions from those who came out to enjoy the game! My sisters Leigha and Bethany did me the honors of attending my first game, and after the victory and heading back to the locker room (still with an adrenaline rush that would last me for the entire weekend) it was nice to see their messages about when I was on the television and how well the game was going. It has now been one week, and I am so excited for next weeks game! Now that I have taken my first steps onto the field, there is no place I would rather be.

Well eagles fans, I am off to teach and heading out later continuing my car search! Wish me luck, and as always, GO EAGLES!

- Cat xoxo

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Cat: Pre-Game Jitters, Training Camp, and Car Troubles!

Posted by EaglesCheerleaderCat on August 10, 2011 – 1:13 pm

Hey Eagles Fans!

Cheerleader Cat here, sitting behind my computer feeling VERY nervous, but VERY excited for tomorrows game! The Eagles face off with the Ravens tomorrow for a 7:30pm kick off, officially going against their first opposing team for the 2011-2012 football season! Just like the players working hard at training camp, us cheerleaders have been working hard with longer and tougher practices, including going over all of the details of the game. The other rookies and I are eager to get on the field, but also nervous for all of the details about performing at the game! Not to mention that no matter how prepared we are for entertaining the crowd, first stepping in front of 76,000 people takes everything to an entire new level! The veteran cheerleaders and captains have been helping us rookies so much, and letting us know some inside hints on how to kick our nerves on the big day.

Even with the nerves and excitement of the game rushing through my head, I am still busy with training camp appearances! I am one of the lucky cheerleaders who lives in the Lehigh Valley, so the three visits to visit 2011 Training Camp this week was no problem for me! Training Camp has definitely been some of my most favorite appearances so far this year, because there are so many different different types of fans! Everyone from die-hard fans, to families with young children who are just starting their life as an eagles follower, it is so great to know that there are so many different types of people who are able to come together to appreciate the Philadelphia Eagles.

Sunday was a great day, and myself and Cheerleader Courtney had a blast signing autographs and talking to some of the fans who followed the Philadelphia Eagles up to training camp. With all the excitement of the new players all of the fans were eager to see what they could do, and it did not take them long to become impressed! Thursday after practice, cheerleaders Lauren C, and Amanda Grace both stayed at my apartment so that they did not have to make the long drive early in the morning, and we had a great time! It was good to see some of the other rookies outside of practice. Friday morning I again appeared at training camp with cheerleader Amanda. Again it was a great morning, and we were able to meet a lot of fans and get the inside scoop on how training camp was going, as well as having some fun with SWOOP!

Saturday morning at training camp was exciting, because it was Health and Safety day! Cheerleader Alexis and I had a blast seeing all of the different activities for children including a blow up slide, balloon animals, and a cartoonist! There was also some fun for adults, and Alexis and I excited the fans while they were waiting for an autograph from Philadelphia Eagles Alumni Sean Landeta! It was not only fun and games, the Eagles Eye-Mobile and Lehigh Officers sharing the importance of safety with the Philadelphia Eagles Fans. It was a great morning, and great to see all of the fans having fun, as well as getting to know the importance of safety!

My parents surprised me and picked up my car ahead of time! I am so sad to see my little red car go! :(

On the down side, I am sad to say that my first car has officially expired! I loved my car because I saved up all through high school, and bought it myself!  I am sure you know the feeling of accomplishment when you work hard for something and are able to attain it. This was my feeling towards my little red car! It is not the best week for my car to die, but my sister and mom were nice enough to let me borrow their cars while I am on the search for a new one! As sad as I am to see my little red car go, I am also excited to upgrade and purchase my first brand new car. With all of the traveling I do with the Eagles Cheerleading team, it will feel good to know I am in a newer and safer car. So I will be updating you on how my search is going!

Well eagles fans, I am off to do some more rehearsing of my cheers and dances before our final practice before the big game tomorrow! Wish me luck, and don’t forget to tune into 610 WIP Radio for the Eskin and Reese Show to hear me and cheerleader Casey talk about our excitement about the big game!

See you all tomorrow night at the Lincoln Financial Field! As always, GO EAGLES!

-Cat xoxo

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Cat: New Beginnings!

Posted by EaglesCheerleaderCat on August 3, 2011 – 2:17 pm

Hey Eagles Fans!

Cat here, finally taking a quick breath just long enough to fill you in on the Back to Football madness of these past two weeks! I am sure everyone is still as excited as I am about the season beginning, and like everyone else, I feel at ease again knowing that our boys are hard at work at training camp in the Lehigh Valley!

Softball contestant Robert Hill did not let the heat stop him from participating in Play Day!

I finished off my last blog talking about all of the great things that the Philadelphia Eagles Organization takes part in, and last weekend, I was lucky enough to be a part of it! SWOOP, myself, and a few other rookie cheerleaders took a trip to visit CHOP in Philadelphia, and visit a brave young boy who had just undergone the first of a series of difficult treatments, all while being an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan! It was so wonderful to see the look on his face when he saw us, and we were able to talk with him and SWOOP brought him an Eagles jacket, and myself and the other women signed some trading cards for him. On our way out, we were able to say hello to a few of the other children patients, and I almost think that they made our day more than we made theirs!

That same day, disregarding the 108 degree weather, we piled into the SWOOP van and took a trip to Belmont Plateau in Fairmont Park, for 610 WIP’s Play Day. Even though the heat was almost unbearable, dedicated citizens still participated in the numerous softball tournaments, and summer camps crowded around the park for other fun activities. It was great to see everyone gathered together having a great time, and the other women and I were able to meet some great people, and get to learn more about how great an event like this helps our community!

All of the Cheerleaders on the Dance Floor!

Following an intense week of practice following the official end of the NFL lockout, I was able to spend some time getting to know some of the other cheerleaders, when we gathered together to celebrate Cheerleader Dani’s wedding! Not only was it so nice to see her starting a new beginning with her husband Scott, it was also great to see the other cheerleaders outside of practice. I am so lucky to be on a team with such wonderful women, and it makes me even more excited to start off the season! Dani’s mother gathered us together, and we surprised Dani by dancing the famous Philadelphia Eagles fight song, and what surprised her even more was an appearance from SWOOP! It was so great to have him there, because he really got the party going and pulled everyone onto the dance floor! The venue was one of the most incredible places I have ever seen before! Decorated with summer colors, it was complete with a photo-booth and even a candy bar! The cheerleaders were definitely the ones to take over the dance floor, and cheerleader Corinne even caught the bouquet! What a great night!

Well Eagles Fans, I am off to do some more practicing myself before our squad practice tonight, because as you all know, PRE SEASON STARTS NEXT WEEK! I am SO EXCITED but VERY nervous for my first steps onto the Lincoln Financial Feild on game day, but the veteran cheerleaders have been helping us prepare! Wish me luck, and I will be sure to update you later on on how the pre-week preperations are going!

As always, until next time, GO EAGLES!

-Cat xoxo

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Cat: More DeSales Success Celebrations

Posted by EaglesCheerleaderCat on July 24, 2011 – 3:45 pm

Hey Eagles Fans!

Cat here, hoping everyone is out there staying cool in this crazy heat! I can not believe it has been so hot out! Even though the heat has taken all of Philadelphia to a new record breaking level, that doesn’t mean that these past two weekends have let up in Eagles Crazed busyness! Even though I have barely gotten a break from work and continuing with cheerleading practices, I still managed to take a break and continue with some post-graduation celebrations, this time one for myself, and one for my roommate!

Me and my sisters enjoying the sun!

Even though I am number five in my family, my parents are still staying strong with graduation traditions, and hosted a graduation party! I was very excited because I have a fairly large family, so we need to plan ahead for everyone to be together. I went home early to help set up all of the tables and chairs that my neighborhood assisted in lending us, and my sister Leigha made the place colorful with some decorative tablecloths and signs. My mom had been wondering how to brighten up the place with some color, and she came up with the idea to get some flowers to put on each of the tables. It was the perfect way to not only have some nice decorations, but to also keep the tablecloths from blowing away! My boyfriend Chris came down earlier in the afternoon to help my Dad with some heavy table lifting, and by the time guests began to arrive everything was wonderfully set up! It was great to see some of my family that I had not seen in a while, as well as celebrate it with a few of my neighbors and friends. My Mom and Leigha put together some snack trays of vegetables, fruit, and some wonderful dips, but my all time favorite party snack was the mozzarella slices with fresh tomatoes! I insist on having this appetizer at every family event, because it is one of my party favorites, and it would not be an italian family event without a whole lot of mozzarella! For dinner, we had the event catered, and there were so many delicious options, including a massive amount of meatballs, that were almost gone by the end of the evening (but again, what else would you expect from a large italian family!).

Class of 2011!

Having all of my family there to celebrate my graduation was important to me, because one of the biggest accomplishments in my life was going with my gut and becoming a dance major in school.  It was easy to be nervous with taking on an arts major in today’s famous economy trouble, but I had an entire army of family members at my side to support me and let me know that it was okay to follow my dream, and achieve my degree in something that I knew was most important to my life. They were excited that I turned my dream into a job where I help children learn about the importance of physical fitness, and of course even more excited about me being able to perform at the eagles games. Most of my family members are from Philadelphia, and all of them are Eagles fans, so it was great to share stories about my eagles adventures and to remind me that I still have my whole family behind me through the season!

Enjoying the Limo!

You already know that I was so happy to graduate, but something you might not know is that I was not the only one completing my education in my apartment family! My roommate Helen, as well as my friend Carolyn had been studying for MONTHS to take their nursing certification test, better known as the NCLEX! Helen is one of the hardest workers I have ever seen, and expected her to not take this test lightly, but boy was she a study bug! Especially through the last month, she completely transformed her bedroom into a studying/library/living area, and took every spare moment she had to go through everything she had learned within the past five years at the DeSales nursing program, and her nursing internships. Helen was snatched up even before graduation by Easton Hospital in the Lehigh Valley for a job, but even though they were excited to win her over other hospitals, Helen was still considered a GN (graduate nurse) and not an RN (registered nurse). I do not know much about the information Helen was studying for in order to take the test, but I can only imagine how difficult it was, and Helen was definitely nervous!

Chris came to celebrate too!

Carolyn is a graduate of Penn State, and had also been sharing Helen’s nerves before her test. Her test day came, and it was not long after before I got the message that SHE PASSED! I was SO EXCITED for Carolyn, but my NCLEX worrying was only halfway finished, because Helen was due to take the test soon after. Before we knew it, it was officially TEST DAY at the apartment, and Helen gathered her courage and took the entire full length test. Not only was she nervous before taking it, but then she had to wait two full days before learning whether she had passed the test! I was nervous waiting for the results just being her roommate, so you must know how nervous she was! The result day came, and HORRAY!

Helen passed with flying colors and is now officially an RN! My roommate Christina planned an evening celebration, and rented a limo for the evening to celebrate Helens great achievement. It was the perfect way to celebrate all of her hard work, and I am so proud to say that both my roommate, and my friend are officially RNs!

Three Happy Roommates!

I know that this is the time for many other nursing majors to take their NCLEX, and I wanted to say GOOD LUCK and CONGRATULATIONS! I witnessed first hand how hard nursing majors work for their career, and as if that was not enough, their hard work results in a career helping others!  That is also why I am so happy to be a part of an organization like the Philadelphia Eagles who help out hospitals just like the one Helen is working at by raising money for programs such as the Eagles Eye-mobile, and organizing visits for their patients. Thank you to the Philadelphia Eagles, and thank you to all of the nurses out there!

As always until next time, GO EAGLES!

-Cat xoxo

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Cat: Best Friend Wedding Bells!

Posted by EaglesCheerleaderCat on July 1, 2011 – 9:33 am

Hey Eagles Fans!

The Wedding Party!

This past weekend was full of Eagles excitement, but what was even more exciting was my best friend’s ENGAGEMENT PARTY! You might remember Susan from the recent 2011 Philadelphia Eagles Final Audition! Her and her boyfriend of four years became engaged about two months ago, and guess what? She asked me to be the maid of honor! I was honored and immediately started jumping up and down with excitement! Susan is a very prepared and organized person, and although planning a wedding is difficult and stressful, Susan is the best one to do the job! Unlike most maid of honors, I am also going to have some help in everything, and that is because Susan is having two maids of honor! Our friend Kelly has been Susan’s best friend since she was younger, so we are both going to be able to lean on each other when completing some of the maid of honor duties.

Me with the happy couple!

Saturday started out early, and after fighting through traffic I arrived at the groom’s house, where Susan already had everything beautifully set up! Her brides maids and official wedding color is a bright shade of blue, so Susan decided to have the theme of the party be this shade of blue. I thought this was an awesome idea, and everything looked very summery and festive! Even though the party was just family and the wedding party, Susan’s fiance Michael has a very large family, so there was still a large group of people. There was amazing food and even a keg full of root beer! I also learned that I should stick to dancing, and not playing the game latter ball!

After everyone arrived and once dessert was all set up, Susan and Michael made an announcement of the details of their wedding, and also introduced the entire wedding party. The best man (who is also named Michael) and I made a toast to the couple, and the dancing began! Everyone had a great rest of the evening, and Michael’s grandmother even showed us some of her moves! I love family parties for the pure fact that you really get to see your family’s personalities that you would not normally see just sitting at a dinner table. Susan and Michael made a great selection of music that was a perfect combination of country songs, and pop songs, with a short feature to Lady Gaga! It was great because there was something for everyone to enjoy, and everyone was able to get up and dance!

This was the perfect way to celebrate a perfect couple! I know that a few of the other cheerleaders are either getting married themselves, or taking part in another’s wedding, and I wanted to take the time to say CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD LUCK! Weddings are one of the most important celebrations, and a lot more goes on behind the scenes than one would expect, but I have no doubt that Susan and Michael’s wedding will be one with a good experience to talk about!

I am SO EXCITED that it is the weekend, but I still have a lot to do seeing as this is the start of a new month! I also want to wish everyone a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY WEEKEND and to have a lot of fun during this great American holiday weekend! As always until next time, GO EAGLES!

-Cat xoxo

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Cat: What a Week!

Posted by EaglesCheerleaderCat on June 22, 2011 – 7:30 pm

Hey Eagles Fans!

What a great and busy week I had! And as if I couldn’t be busy enough… I am just getting started! Last week started off amazing over the weekend with taking a trip to Old City, Philadelphia to help out with the Alex Lemonade Stand in support for the Philadelphia Eagles Camp out for Kids with Cancer. This is such a great event, and I know that myself and many others hope that it becomes annual. Every family that participated in the campout donated hundreds of dollars towards Alex’s Lemonade Stand to help put forth awareness and raise funds for childhood cancer.

Clip from the Good Day Philadelphia Interview Spot!

Over 200 people last Saturday, June 11th, gathered together in the Lincoln Financial Stadium to enjoy a cookout, a DJ, ghost stories in the locker room, blow up games for kids, a movie on the video boards, and appearances from SWOOP, Eagles alumni, and some more of the Eagles Cheerleaders. What a neat event! I know as a kid I would have LOVED to actually get to camp out on the Lincoln Financial Field, let alone being able to donate to a wonderful cause. Myself, and cheerleaders Steph and Courtney were able to spread the word by making an appearance on FOX’s Good Day Philadelphia. It was so neat meeting everyone there, and getting a chance to be behind the scenes at the FOX studio. My favorite part however, was four year old cancer survivor Olivia. I am so glad she was there to let people see what a great organization Alex’s Lemonade Stand is, and to show that children are truly great fighters. It was so inspirational!

Chris and I arriving at the Borgata!

My week continued with excitement when I took a trip to Atlantic City with my boyfriend Chris and his family. His grandmother was able to come with us which was a treat in itself, and I had so much fun! We stayed at the Borgata and it is really a beautiful place! There was a great spa, gym, and pool area and I was able to relax with Chris’s brother John, his girlfriend Carolyn, and his sister Laura. We ate at a family style italian restaurant, and when I say family style, I mean FAMILY STYLE! I have never seen so much food in my entire life! I definitely underestimated how large the portions would be! The family ordered a delicious seafood and pasta dish that I immediately claimed as my own! Full and happy for the remainder of the evening, I spend the following day relaxing on the beach, and Chris’s grandmother treated us to the Borgata Buffet, which was also great! Who knew that Atlantic City would be the best place to eat! Forget the slots people… grab a plate!!

Me and my Dad!

This week began great with FATHERS DAY! Just want to say Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there, especially to mine who raised a LOT of ladies! Anyone who knows my father has to laugh at the fact that he has so many daughters! What a trooper! Even though it was a little crazy growing up with a lot of girls in my house, my Dad does have the advantage of having six different children there to wish him a Happy Father’s Day! When I was at my surprise vacation, I took a trip to the fudge kitchen and picked my Dad up some of his favorite treats! I was so excited that I could not wait to give it to him until this week, but I hope he enjoyed them just the same!

This week continued with a visit to the Dick Vermeil Celebrity Golf Tournament benefiting the Boy Scouts of America! Cheerleaders Dani, Corinne, Becky and I took the trip to Phoenixville, PA to support this great annual event. The Boy Scouts of America as most of you know, does so much for not only the local communities, but also the nation. Year to year they participate in charity events and other events benefiting their local community as well as large charity corporations. I am not much of a golfer myself, but I was able to learn a lot about the tournament itself by talking with many of the guests, and learning about how everyone was involved with such a great benefit. There were Philadelphia Eagles alumni in attendance as well, and I was also able to chat with them about how much this great organization has grown!

Although the rest of my week is free from Eagles madness, I am however still busy with work, and am very much looking forward to the weekend! Until next time, GO EAGLES!

-Cat xoxo

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Cat: Senior Vacation Dilemma PT 2

Posted by EaglesCheerleaderCat on June 12, 2011 – 10:56 pm

Hey Eagles Fans!

So just like me, you were all left hanging before wondering where I was going to end up on my mystery vacation, so I am happy that I am back and rested up, and ready to share the surprise! My mystery vacation was in STONE HARBOR!

Chris and I on the beach!

I have never been to Stone Harbor, and I had the most amazing time! It was the perfect place for me to go to get some rest and celebrate after a long four years of college. Growing up in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, I have always had a thing for older towns. I love to walk around and see all of the small shops, and what was so great about Stone Harbor was that I was able to enjoy the sun and the beach as well! It was the perfect combination for a great vacation.

I just HAD to stop at the Fudge Kitchen!

The town of Stone Harbor, especially so early in the summer, looks like it was frozen in time! There were not a lot of people there since it was early in the season, so we were able to meet and talk to a lot of the people who lived in the town. I even met some eagles fans! It was great getting a little history and meeting people whose lives revolve around the small shops of Stone Harbor.

Got to love the bay at sunset!

I went into a shop for older toys, a place where they sold old hats, and even saw a display for a company that produces large sand castles for events like weddings! We tried out a few restaurants and soaked up some sun on the beach. It was great to explore the town, and I was able to relax and have a lot of fun!

Hope you enjoyed all of the pictures and the surprise as much as I did! Until next time, GO EAGLES!

-Cat xoxo

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