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Hi Eagles fans!  So, I left off at Friday January 27th, with our day full of appearances.  Fast forward to Saturday January 28th…Ohana Day!  Ohana means “family” in Hawaiian, and this event was exactly that.  It was a fun family and friends day at Aloha Stadium.  We cheerleaders at our usual team breakfast at 7:00AM that day (that was late for us compared to the rest of the week!), and then we headed to Aloha Stadium for Ohana Day.  The event was basically a practice at the stadium that was open to the public.  My boyfriend Jesse went with another cheerleader’s boyfriend, and he was able to get lots of pictures!  It was a great opportunity to us to get a feel of what game day would be like.  We got to introduce ourselves on the field and perform a bunch of our dances for the fans.  You Eagles fans are familiar with this type of event if you have ever been to Eagles Flight Night.  It’s a very similar event in that it’s a great way to see the players practice and cheerleaders perform, while participating in fun games and activities for the whole family.

After Ohana Day, we had to stay at the stadium for our pre-game rehearsal with the band Hot Chelle Rae.  We were all exhausted from performing outside in the heat all morning, but once the band and the stages were set up, we all got a bit more energy and had a great rehearsal.  Later that evening, we participated in the Pro Bowl All-Star Block Party, which was tons of fun!  An entire main street called Kalakaua Avenue was closed to traffic, and there were tons of stages set up for meet and greets and performances.  The streets were PACKED with fans!  We went around to about 5 different stages throughout the night and performed some of our Pro Bowl dances and also helped aucition off NFL items for the Special Olympics.  One of the cheerleader’s calendars sold for over $100!  It was so much fun getting the fans pumped up for the big game, and you could really feel the energy in the entire town!

Sunday January 29th…Game Day!!!  On Sunday, we all woke up early, had breakfast together, and went right over to Aloha Stadium for our final rehearsal before the big game.  At 2:30 PM (Hawaii time), we were ready to go!  All of our hard work had paid off, and we were ready to just go out there and have a blast.  I can remember our directors telling us to have as much fun as possible out on the field and not to worry about how we stand, when we move to another part of the field, etc.  They told us to just interact with the fans as much as possible and have a great time, and  that’s exactly what we did!  The game tons of fun, even though the NFC lost :(  Jesse got lots of great pictures at the game too!  I can’t wait to get the photo book that I made online with all of the Pro Bowl pictures!

After the game, all of the cheerleaders and our directors were treated to a delicious dinner at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse.  It was a beautiful restaurant with VERY good food.  What a wonderful way to end our big day!  While all of the other cheerleaders got ready to hit the town after our late dinner, I decided to stay in and start packing, since I was on the first flight leaving Hawaii :(  I had to be ready to go to the airport at 5:00AM on Monday morning.

I was so sad to say my goodbyes and miss our final breakfast together when I was being driven to the airport bright and early on Monday morning.  As soon as I checked in for my flight, I was told that my flight was delayed and would possibly be canceled.  About a half hour later, it was confirmed that my flight was canceled due to plane maintenance.    The next flight that they were able to give me was not until Tuesday evening.  At first, I was panicking, because I had to be at work on Tuesday morning.   Once I was able to find a substitute to cover my classes on Tuesday, I was sooo happy to have an extra day and a half in Hawaii!  Luckily, Jesse was not scheduled to fly home until Tuesday night as well, so we were finally able to spend some great quality time together, lay on the beach, do some sightseeing, and even go to Pearl Harbor.  It was the PERFECT way to end my trip in Hawaii.

I took a direct flight from Honolulu to Newark (12 hours!), and then from Newark to Philadelphia.  I arrived back home in Philadelphia at 1:30 on Wednesday afternoon and was back to the dance studio to teach class at 4:00!  Talk about jet lag!  I was extremely tired for the next 3 days, but I got right back into work and even did a few fun appearances for the Eagles.  I haven’t had a day off since!  As much as I miss Hawaii, it’s also good to be back home :)  I can’t wait to see all of my teammates at our end of the season banquet in a few weeks and share my Pro Bowl experience with them.  I hope you all enjoyed it!!  Take a look at a few more photos!  (I’ll be sure to most more soon).




performing at Ohana Day



Ohana Day


performing at the block party



posing with John, one of our directors, before the block party



Game Day!



SWOOP and I at the game! One of my favorite photos :)

performing on the sidelines


sightseeing with Jesse after my flight got canceled!


what a beautiful view!


Jesse and I visiting Pearl Harbor before leaving Hawaii

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  1. By Leonard's Memory Lane on Feb 17, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t know who the standout cheerleader was on the first picture; but it looks like she had her hands on one of those generators we used to see at Franklin Institute. You mentioned not to be overly concerned about your movement and interact with the fans. For me, you ladies do enough practice. I hate to see anyone so overly concerned or even worried about their movement that they cannot enjoy Game Day. There are two things I would really like to see. More interaction with the fans before and after the game. Any cheerleaders from the other team come to Philadelphia. I hope our fans really appreciate them. You obviously had a great time in Hawaii. That Jet Lag must be a bad adjustment. Till your next Blog. Leonard.

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