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Catching You Up On Pro Bowl!

Posted by Jen on February 7, 2012 – 8:41 pm

     Hey Eagles fans!  So, as promised, I have a lot more to tell you about my Pro Bowl experience.  I’m pretty sure I left off after my long day of rehearsals followed by a fun luau on Wednesday.  By  Thursday January 26th, I was FINALLY adjusted to the time difference in Hawaii.  We cheerleaders all met at 6:ooAM for our daily team breakfast and then headed to Aloha Stadium for our first rehearsal on the field.  It was so much fun rehearsing the pre-game dance and our sideline dances that we had been working so hard on.  The long rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday really paid off when we got to the stadium, because we felt very prepared and were able to just let go and have fun.  I must say, I wasn’t used to rehearsing in the hot weather though, since it was so cold back in Philadelphia when I left!  I love the hot summer weather though, so I definitely was not complaining! 

     After rehearsal, we went back to our resort and had different appearances to go to.  My squad (NFC 1) did an appearance at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, which is a beautiful restaurant near our resort.  Wolfgang’s Steakhouse was generous enough to provide all of the cheerleaders with a delicious dinner after the Pro Bowl game, so it felt good to be able to do an appearance there and thank their owner and staff ahead of time.  The Pro Bowl trophy was on display there, so we took some great photos with fans in front of it.  Later that evening, we had a team dinner at Dave and Busters.  It was nice getting to have some dinners together and have fun and relax with each other after very longs days or rehearsals and appearances.

     On Friday January 27th, we all met for breakfast at 7:30 AM (that was our chance to “sleep in” haha).  Friday was a day filled with appearances, but it was tons of fun!  After breakfast I had about a 2 hour break, which was a lot compared to the rest of the week!  I took full advantage of that down-time and hung out by the pool to get in some sun :)  Then I had the pleasure of teaching one of our sideline dances to a group of Japanese dancers with fellow cheerleader Lindsay from the Seahawks.  Since I’m a dance teacher, this was right up my alley!  The Japanese cheerleaders were my age, and even though most of them didn’t speak English, I felt that we really bonded and had a great time together.  They were terrific dancers too!  They performed their dance later that day at a nearby shopping mall and did a great job.  

     After teaching the dance clinic, I had a little more free time and was able to meet up with my boyfriend Jesse for a little bit.  I didn’t get to see him very much up till this point, since our schedule was extremely busy.  That night we had an amazing appearance at an event called Sunset On The Beach.   The event was open to the public, so Jesse was able to come and watch our performances.  At Sunset On the Beach, a big part of the Waikiki beach is closed off and there is a huge movie screen and a stage set up for performances.  The movie Remember The Titans played on the beach after we cheerleaders did a few performances.   Hundreds of fans came out to watch us perform and get autographs.  At one point, I was signing my photo cards and posing for photos, and I stopped for a minute to take a look around and realize that I was in the middle of so many fans flashing their cameras at me and asking for autographs, and the whole thing seemed so surreal.  I could not believe that all of those people were really there to see us.  It was such an amazing feeling and something  that I will never forget!

Enjoy some more photos, and check back soon for the my next update!!



Rehearsal at Aloha Stadium


Getting some down-time with my teammates!


Posing with the Pro Bowl trophy at Wolfgang's Steakhouse


Another photo taken at Wolfgang's Steakhouse


Performing at Sunset On The Beach


NFC 1 Squad at Sunset on the Beach


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  1. By Leonard's Memory Lane on Feb 8, 2012 | Reply

    There is a move to discontinue the Pro Bowl. Unlike the baseball All-Star game, it comes at year-end when fans are burned out. Then there are rules allowing no blitzing so the high scores are expected. While I have never watched a game, I hope for the cheerleaders sake, they keep it up. You interact with ladies from other teams and that is invaluable. I think the game does keep fans interest up between the conference title games and the Super Bowl. It Looks like you had a great time in Hawaii. How long did it take to get over jet lag?

  2. By fanatics on Feb 12, 2012 | Reply

    How beautiful the pictures are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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